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We have 2 new client specials for you to choose from. Follow the easy steps below to book your first session at Phoenix Classical Pilates in Santa Monica.


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The perfect way to begin your Pilates journey. If you’re new to Pilates, you’ll learn the fundamental principles of the method, as well as the nuts and bolts of how to get on and off the apparatus, the spring settings and some transitions from one exercise to the next so you’ll be able to confidently join a group class.

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Try out different classes and teachers. To get the most benefit from Pilates you have to be consistent. The intro 3 -pack expires in three weeks after your first class, so that you get in the habit of coming regularly. You’ll feel the difference in your body!

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There’s plenty of street parking around the studio but allow enough time to feed the meter and get up the stairs.
Still have questions? Check out our FAQ below or give us a call at (424) 835-2810.
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What can I expect during my intro session?

We know your first Pilates session can be intimidating. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there at some point! Sessions last about 50-55 minutes. Your first session will begin talking with your instructor about any injuries or limitations you might have as well as your goals. Then you’ll begin your workout depending on your issues and level, on the Reformer. It has springs and straps attached and you will do a big chunk of the workout there. Then you will do some exercises lying down on the mat or Cadillac (that big apparatus that has springs and poles)and usually one more apparatus like the chair or a barrel to finish. Usually the first session goes by quickly and you may not remember the moves or the names of exercises. That’s okay! It takes repetition and  within 3-5 sessions things begin to click and make sense.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable but form fitting clothing like yoga pants or shorts and a tank or T-shirt. Socks are optional.

Where is your studio located?

We are the little brick building at 2412 Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica between 24th St and Chelsea, next to Bru’s Wiffle. We’re up on the 2nd floor right above Al and Ed’s Autosound. Enter the studio through the alley (between Wilshire and Arizona) and come up the back stairs right into the studio. We keep the gate on Wilshire locked so just come around to the alley and up the stairs to #208.

Why is private training the best way to get started?

Whether you’re new to Pilates or new to Classical Pilates at Phoenix, taking a few private sessions is a good idea. You’ll learn the fundamentals of Pilates like how to get on and off the apparatus correctly, the springs and strap settings and transitions from one exercise to the next so that you can confidently move into a group class. Many clients choose to stick with private sessions forever because they like the personal attention. Others prefer a group setting and that’s great too but if you’re brand new I always recommend taking the 3 privates in the intro series.

I’d love to try Pilates but I’m so inflexible (out of shape, uncoordinated, _________), that I’m not ready to start.

Please hear this, Pilates meets you where you are in your fitness journey. Pilates is perfect for you if you’re 85 years old and haven’t moved in 50 years. We will gently get you mobile again and strengthen key muscles so you can walk up stairs. Pilates is perfect for you if you can’t touch your toes. We’ll work on increasing your flexibility. Pilates is perfect for you if you are a professional dancer or elite athlete. We can help fine tune your movements so you will perform at your best. What I’m saying is, Pilates is for you, wherever you’re starting from, however old you are, we can help you be better.