Pilates Workshops, Challenges and Continuing Education

Phoenix Classical Pilates hosts events, challenges and workshops a few times a year. We welcome both clients and teachers to participate in these special events.

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Continuing Education

Shari Berkowitz of The Vertical Workshop is coming to Phoenix Classical Pilates in September 9th-11th!

Schedule as follows:

Friday, September 9th: Semi-Private sessions available at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm (3 clients, $90 per person) To sign up, email Molly at molly@phoenixclassicalpilates.com with your preferred time.

Saturday, September 10th:

Master Class Workout: Reformer on the Mat (8am)

Workshop #1: Shoulder Girdle, a Delicate Balance (9:15 am- 12:30)

The Shoulder Girdle is a complex system. When I first started teaching, all I knew was “pull your wings down” and “crack a walnut”. The more I study biomechanics, the more I know there’s no down and no cracking. It’s a delicate balance of bone, muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia…and constant reassessing. Dynamic Stability is what we’re looking for. Let’s spend time studying where we’re going with the shoulder girdle and how to get there in Pilates. We’ll take time with anatomy and biomechanics, Pilates exercises, common ailments and all of your questions. Take a moment to review what you already know before the workshop…then we can grow from there.

* Lunch Break *

Workshop #2: Archival Arm Strengthener Progressions: From Lying Down to Standing Up and Everything in Between!

While Arm Springs on the Cadillac are wonderful, there are an extraordinary number of exercises Mr. Pilates created on many apparatus to strengthen the shoulder girdle and arms. So many! You’ve likely seen only a few. Let’s work on the Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair, High Chair, Arm Chair/ Baby Chair, Magic Circle, Ped-‐o-‐Pull and Standing Arm Springs…just to begin! Exercises for every level and every body!


Sunday, September 11th:

Master Class Workout: Advanced Mat w/ Magic Circle (8am)

Workshop #1: Baby’s Got Back (9:15-12:30)

We’re told that it is our abdominals that give us a strong back. The truth is: it is your back that gives you a strong back. In our work in Pilates, whatever your particular goal is, the strength of the back body is of vital consideration. And not just around your spine, but the back of your legs, pelvis, spine shoulder girdle and arms. In fact, a primary reason many exercises seem difficult to do or “fail” is because the back body has been missed. We will find out that nearly every exercise in every Pilates exercise requires strong cueing of the back body. It is remarkable!The path to accomplishing your and your clients’ physical goals…is through the back!

* Lunch Break *

Workshop #2: Why Can’t I Do That Exercise? (1:45-4:45pm)

You know that exercise you can’t seem to do even though you’ve been doing Pilates for a long time? What about the one your client’s can’t seem to accomplish and you can’t figure out why they can’t get it? Every exercise is accomplishable by everyone. It’s a matter of letting the exercise expose the weaknesses and imbalances and then strengthen and balance…right? Yes…but there’s more. We have to actually know what the issue is. When your legs fly up in The Roll Up, it must mean you need more abdominal strength, right? Actually, no. When your hip flexors hurt in your Teaser it must mean you need to turn off your hip flexors, right? Again, no. What myths are we working with that are still hindering our exercises…which hinders our ability to develop strength and balance of soft tissue tension and ultimately help us achieve our physical and professional goals?

Early Bird Pricing until July 11th

Day 1 with Master Class Workout ($399)

Day 2: with Master Class Workout ($399)

Whole Weekend with Master Class Workouts ($699)

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