Senior Instructor

Martt Lawrence, a former professional dancer, is a second-generation classical Pilates instructor, having received training directly from Romana Kryzanowska. She brings over 20 years of classical Pilates teaching experience and holds five certifications, including two certifications for training instructors from Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle.

She shares her expertise and passion for Pilates with clients of all age groups and abilities, specializing in Pilates for dancers, scoliosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

Martt has instructed at prestigious institutions like The San Francisco Ballet, Oregon Ballet Theater, and Elément Studio in Paris. In 2006, Martt founded The Pilates Center of San Francisco, owning and managing it for 13 years. As a teacher-trainer, she has presented workshops and seminars across California, as well as in Vancouver and Seattle, Washington.

Relocating in 2022, Martt now calls LA her home and fully embraces her new life here.