The Best Classical Pilates in Santa Monica

Stay Younger, Longer.
Give us an hour and we’ll give you back that skip in your step.

The workout your body will crave to stay healthy and strong at any age

Do you have a sore lower back?

Does your body just feel weak all over like you lost the power and vitality you used to have?

Bad knees and nagging neck pain from staring at a screen?

Have you gotten a little thick around the middle?

Pilates at Phoenix is the answer!

strong abdominals + lifted and flexible spine =  the fountain of youth

Pilates will strengthen your body from the inside out.

Private Sessions


1 client, 1 instructor to work on exactly what your body needs.

Mat Classes

virtual or hybrid

Fully Virtual or Hybrid (join the class at home on Zoom or take in person at the studio) Pilates mat classes

Group Equipment Classes

max 5 people

Fun small group classes using the equipment, Reformers, Cadillacs, Barrels and Chairs. All in-studio.

Santa Monica Pilates Studio

Classical Pilates at its best!

At Phoenix Classical Pilates we believe in the awesome power of a strong, pain-free body. We’re all about vitality and feeling youthful at any age. You know the expression, “happy wife, happy life?” Well how about “happy spine, happy life!” The genius of classical Pilates will deliver a healthy, fit, pain-free body. We want to change the world one spine at a time.

Convenient Location

PCP  is a cozy sunlit Pilates studio in the heart of Santa Monica on Wilshire Blvd near Trader Joe’s market. The studio is right above Al &  Ed’s Autosound and Bru’s Wiffle. It’s easiest to enter the building from the alley between Wilshire and Arizona.

Classical Instruction

Rooted in the classical Pilates method, the studio offers private and small group Pilates classes that let you experience the full Pilates system as intended by its creator, Joseph Pilates. The studio is fully equipped with the classical apparatus (Reformers, Cadillacs, Chairs, Ladder Barrel, Mats) made by Gratz.

What Our Clients Are Saying

My back is much better. My posture is better. My form is better.  I feel like I’m learning real classical Pilates. Take one class and you will understand why Pilates is the most wonderful gift you can give yourself.  

Lori Berstein

I have had incredible results from my three times a week classes with Molly and Hector. The weight I had gained by being at home is now gone. My strength has returned as has my flexibility. At my age, 82, it is critical to work on my total body health which Pilates takes care of beautifully. I thank you for offering this amazing program.

Judy Rothman

Whether you are experienced at Pilates or brand new to it, do give Molly’s class a try.  You will immediately feel welcome and challenged, no matter your experience level.  You’ll be in very good hands! I wanted to find a new ‘Pilates home’ and I have been so happy there and felt comfortable from day one. 

Sandy Underwood

As a man in my late 60’s, I’ve found that Phoenix Classical Pilates classes have been a great way to stay in shape.  The class time flies by as Molly keeps it moving fast and fun.

Ron Underwood

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