Pilates Instructor

Olivia Castillo Pilates instructor in Santa Monica

Olivia is a Midwest native who recently moved from Saint Louis to Los Angeles. She has  worked as an orthopedic physical therapist since receiving her Doctorate of Physical Therapy  from Saint Louis University in 2016. She is a certified manual physical therapist who specializes  in the treatment of performing artists and dancers. She has provided physical therapy  treatment to the Chicago Joffrey Ballet, Visceral Dance Company, Goodman Theater,  Lincolnshire Marriott theatre, and she worked as lead physical therapist for theThe Big Muddy  Dance Company in Saint Louis. She utilizes joint mobilization techniques, joint manipulation  techniques, myofascial release techniques, cupping, postural re-education, and muscular  activation training in her physical therapy practice.  

Olivia is currently completing her 750 hour Pilates training program. She is a 4th generation  classical Pilates instructor and teaches with influence from instructors such as Joseph Pilates,  Romana Kryzanowska, and Mari Windsor. She has received training in the following areas:  dance, circus performance, acroyoga, swimming, cycling, running, tennis, golf, volleyball, and  basketball. Olivia is a Broadway enthusiast, she has a passion for cooking, gardening, and  traveling, and she enjoys spending free time outdoors in nature. 

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